Nokia Cuts Prices for Lumia 710 and Lumia 610 in India

Other handsets have seen their price tags cut as well

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has performed a price cut for some of its Windows Phone 7.5 devices currently available for purchase in India.

Nokia Lumia 610, previously available for purchase at Rs 15,010, can now be grabbed for only Rs 11,999 ($225 / €166), a recent post on BGR India reads.

The company’s Lumia 710, one of the first devices in the popular lineup, previously available at Rs 17,959, is now up for grabs at only Rs 12,999 ($244 / €180).

Nokia’s PureView 808 can be purchased at the moment at only Rs 23,599 ($443 / €327), although it was available at Rs 34,999 in the beginning.

Lumia 800, the first Windows Phone smartphone from Nokia, has seen various price cuts as well since made available in November 2011, and is now available at Rs 18,259 ($343 / €253).

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