Nokia Concludes Beta Testing of 3D World Gaze App

The company will switch focus on the development of Windows Phone

Today, Nokia Beta Labs has announced that the Nokia 3D World Gaze experimental beta trial has been concluded, and that feedback about the app is no longer needed.

However, the Nokia 3D World Gaze software will remain operational for the time being, so that those who have downloaded and installed it could continue enjoy its features and capabilities.

The app has been built for devices running under the Symbian and MeeGo platforms, and it does not come too much as a surprise that Nokia decided to kill off development for it, since it is moving its entire focus to Microsoft’s Windows Phone OS.

“That research project has now been finished, and it is time for us to move on. At the same time, Nokia's focus has shifted to Windows Phone as its primary smartphone platform, and we have to reassess where and how we spend our resources,” the company explains.

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