Nokia City Lens for Windows Phone Sheds Beta Tag

It packs appealing features such as Sightline, Freeze View, Quick View and Live Tiles

Today, Nokia announced that its City Lens application for Windows Phone devices was released as a commercial product.

The application packs a variety of appealing features based on user feedback, including Sightline, Freeze View, Quick View and Live Tiles.

These features are available for the owners of Windows Phone 8 Lumia devices in the new City Lens 2.0 flavor of the app, and are included in City Lens 2.1 for Windows Phone 7 as well. They are available in the Windows Phone Store here and here, respectively.

Through Sightline, users can switch view to what’s in their direct line of sight, while Quick information enables them to see a place’s address in the camera view.

The Freeze view feature enables users to pause view and take a closer look at available options. Users can also pin common searches to the homescreen on their devices.

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