Nokia Accounts for over 70% of Windows Phone Sales

The company’s handsets have seen sales growth lately

Microsoft’s Windows Phone operating system has started to grow in the last months, greatly fueled by the availability of new devices running under Windows Phone 8, and Finnish handset vendor Nokia appears to be benefiting from this the most.

According to recent data that Adduplex have shared with Paul Thurrott, Nokia accounts for over 70 percent of Windows Phone sales globally.

Furthermore, the data shows that Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 devices account for 70 percent of the platform’s sales in the United States.

Apparently, all WP8 handsets have gained market share in December, with Lumia 920 accounting for 9 percent Windows Phone sales, Windows Phone 8X for 3 percent, and Lumia 820 for 3 percent of smartphones as well.

Nokia’s Lumia 920 was the top Windows Phone handset in the US with 16 percent share, while Lumia 900 was second with 14 percent.

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