No Offline Navigation for Nokia Maps 3.06 with Latest Map Data

Symbian users are advised to turn Maps to online mode to launch Navigation

Finnish mobile phone maker Nokia has confirmed an issue with its Nokia Maps 3.06 app on Symbian devices that also have the latest map data installed.

Released in December last year, the newest map data from Nokia (namely would cause Navigation in Nokia Maps to not launch when in offline mode.

Furthermore, Nokia confirms that users are provided with the following error message: “Car navigation cannot start at this location.”

The company says that it is currently looking into the matter, and proposes a temporary fix for the issue. “The workaround is to set Maps in online mode, navigation will then start properly,” the company notes.

Undoubtedly, an official fix will be delivered soon, yet the company hasn’t provided specific info on when that might happen for the time being.

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