No Official Sailfish OS Support for Nokia N9

Unofficially, the platform can be ported to the smartphone

Jolla’s Sailfish operating system won’t be ported to Nokia’s N9 smartphone, at least not officially, the company has announced on Twitter.

The startup said that it cannot deliver official support for Nokia’s products, but that there’s nothing preventing enthusiasts from bringing the platform to the device.

“We cannot support Nokia's product officially. Technically there is nothing preventing for porting to eg. N9,” the company said.

Owners of the MeeGo-based smartphone who feel that the new operating system would breathe new life to N9 might actually be able to download and install a Sailfish port to it in the not too distant future. However, no specific info on the matter has emerged.

“Sailfish OS can be technically ported to N9, but experience is not same than Jolla devices,” the company notes in another tweet.

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