No Netflix App for BlackBerry 10 for Now

The company has no current plans for such an application

Owners of BlackBerry 10 devices won’t have the possibility to enjoy a Netflix app on their devices, as the company doesn’t plan on building one anytime soon, it seems.

“We have no current plans for a BlackBerry app,” a spokesman for Netflix told AllThingsD.

While no official explanation for the decision has been provided, it seems that the company doesn’t see a BlackBerry 10 app capable of greatly expanding its user base.

Furthermore, given that BlackBerry 10 has landed on shelves fairly recently, it still has to prove popular enough to determine Netflix to start supporting as it does with Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, the news site notes.

However, this doesn’t exclude the possibility that a Netflix app will indeed arrive on BlackBerry 10 devices at some point in the future, given that the company changes its mind about the platform.

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