Nexus 4 Users Report Strange Buzzing Noise, Distorted Audio

The noise is heard at close range coming from the earpiece/camera area

Nexus 4, the latest Google phone out there, appears to have some audio issues as well, after being launched without 4G LTE connectivity enabled.

Owners of the device report a strange buzzing noise coming from the phone’s earpiece/camera area, which appears to be audible from a close range.

Furthermore, other users report that the sounds get distorted during calls, especially at high volume.

The source of the problem hasn’t been pinpointed for the time being, but it seems that more and more users are reporting similar issues with the smartphone.

With reports on the problem already present on Google’s Android Project site, chances are that the company is already looking into this and that it will soon make an official announcement on the matter. However, Phandroid suggests that this might require more than a simple software update.

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