Nexus 4 Units Start Arriving in Users’ Hands in Europe

All devices should be shipped to users in a few days

Those users who managed to order the new Nexus 4 smartphone when it was available for purchase through Google’s Play Store portal should be receiving their units today or in the next few days.

According to Android Central, the first shipments have already started to arrive, only two days after Nexus 4 went up for sale (and out of stock in a matter of minutes).

The first round of sales did not offer the best possible experience to users out there, since many of them were left without the handset they were craving for.

However, Google did say that new stock would be made available in the coming weeks, so that more people could order the new Android 4.2-based smartphone.

In the meantime, let us know if you did manage to order the phone and whether you have already received it or you are still waiting for it to arrive.

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