Nexus 4 Spotted in China, Overpriced

The handset is available at nearly double the Google Play price

Google’s Nexus 4 smartphone has emerged as available for purchase in China too, though at a price a bit higher than users might have expected.

At the moment, the 8GB version of the handset is up for acquisition in the country at around 3200 yuan (around $510 / 400 Euro), while the 16GB model is selling at 3880 yuan (around $620 / 480 Euro), ithome reports.

The price is significantly higher than the one Google has attached to the device, namely $299 (around 1860 yuan).

However, LG was already said to plan launching the Android 4.2 mobile phone on its own in several markets at price tags much higher than those available through the official Google Play, and it seems that the rumors were indeed true.

Nexus 4 was made available for purchase in select markets worldwide on November 13, yet the first stock was depleted in minutes.

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