Nexus 4 Returns to Google Play Store in Germany Today

Google confirmed it will be put up for sale again at 17 o’clock

Today, Google is set to make the Nexus 4 smartphone available for purchase in Germany once again through its official Google Play Store portal.

According to, Google has sent out an email informing them not only that the phone would return to the storefront, but also that it would do so at 17 o’clock local time.

Given the strong demand that Google registered for the device when it initially made it available for purchase on November 13, we expect for it to sell out quite fast.

The same happened in countries such as the US and the UK, where both 16GB and 8GB flavors of the smartphone are either shipping with delays or are listed as out of stock.

Users in Germany interested in taking advantage of the device should head over to the portal and hope they will manage to order one.

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