Nexus 4 Back on US Google Play Store Today at 9AM PST

Canada gets it two hours later, while the UK on Wednesday

Android enthusiasts in North America rejoice as Google is about to restock the Nexus 4 on its Play Store.

The superphone is heavily subsidized by Google, which is why it will be available for only $350/ €260 outright.

According to Marc Baumann, Googler from Germany, Nexus 4 is now up for purchase in his home country and will be available in the US and Canada later today.

It appears that the Nexus 4 will land on Google Play Store in the US at 9AM PST, while Canadians will get it only two hours later.

Baumann also confirmed Google will restock Nexus 4 units in the UK where the smartphone will go on sale on Wednesday.

Customers in France and Spain will be able to purchase the Nexus 4 starting tomorrow at 3PM CET. Stay tuned for more updates on the matter.

UPDATE: It looks like Marc deleted his post regarding the availability of Nexus 4 in various countries, but we will soon know if the information was accurate.

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