Nexus 4 Arrives at WIND Mobile on February 4 for $550/€405 Outright

Additional pricing options will be available as well

Videotron was the first carrier to offer the Nexus 4 in Canada. The operator launched Google's superphone on January 30 for only $150 / €110 on “reduced price.”

However, Videotron will not remain for a long time the only Canadian carrier to sell the Nexus 4 as many others have already confirmed they will carry the smartphone as well.

In this regard, WIND Mobile is expected to launch the Nexus 4 on February 4. The folks over at MobileSyrup have been able to learn the device will be available for purchase for $550 / €405.

Other pricing options have been confirmed as well, courtesy to MobileSyrup:

- WINDTab 20 ($20/month plan): $449 / €330;

- WINDTab 30 ($30/month plan): $349 / €260;

- WINDTab 40 ($40/month plan): $249 / €185.

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