New Video Shows Security Features of Windows Phone 8 Lumia Devices

Nokia explains how its Lumia devices can keep users safe

Nokia has been long touting the enterprise capabilities of its Windows Phone 8-based Lumia devices, and a new video aimed at explaining some of these is now available for your viewing pleasure.

The clip can be seen embedded above, focusing on the security features that Nokia’s new Lumia handsets can deliver to business customers.

Of course, end users too can take advantage of these on their new Lumia handsets, Nokia notes.

For the time being, Nokia has launched only three smartphones under Microsoft’s latest mobile operating system flavor, namely the Lumia 920, the Lumia 820 and the Lumia 620, but more of them are expected to become official in the not too distant future.

Until that happens, however, have a look at the video above to learn more on what Nokia has to offer to its users.

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