New Sony Xperia Z Promo Video Explains Design Principles

The flagship Android device should land on shelves in the coming weeks

Sony Mobile’s Xperia Z smartphone will land on shelves in the coming weeks with a 5-inch full HD screen capable of delivering a great viewing experience while on the go, as well as with a quad-core processor inside for increased performance capabilities.

The company has been touting the great hardware specs of its device ever since making it official at CES 2013 in early January, but there’s more to this device that users should know, Sony suggests in a new video promo for it.

The handset was built to become the perfect companion for any user, with a great outer design, attention to details and the like, so as to offer a great feel when held in the hand, the company notes.

“We designed Xperia Z to be so seamless and smooth that it almost disappears, blending with your life and environment,” Sony explains.

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