New Photo Shows ZTE Grand S (Z753) in All Its Glory

The handset will become official at CES 2013 in January

Next year's Consumer Electronics Show, set to be held in Las Vegas in less than three weeks from now, is said to bring to the spotlight a variety of new 5-inch Android-based smartphones, one of which will come from ZTE.

The handset has already been officially confirmed as set to make an appearance at the Show, with a large screen capable of delivering a full HD resolution, the same as the company's Nubia Z5 does.

Today, we can have a look at a photo that allegedly depicts the smartphone, said to sport model number Z753, while expected to hit shelves as ZTE Grand S.

In addition to the 5-inch 1080p screen, the phone is also said to sport an incredibly thin case, as well as a unibody design.

Further details on ZTE's flagship for the next year are unavailable for the time being, but more should become official soon, so stay tuned to learn the news.


ZTE Grand S (3 Images)

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