New Nokia Lumia Emerges with Larger Screen, Windows Phone 8

The handset might be nothing more than an old prototype

Nokia might soon bring to the market a new handset running under Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 operating system, a leaked photo supposedly suggests.

The handset is only a prototype, that’s for sure, especially since the Windows Phone 7 button is still present on it. The Family Room on the screen shows that this is a Windows Phone 8 device.

Furthermore, the handset resembles a bit the Lumia 810, though it features a slightly different design at the bottom.

According to some, the device might actually turn into a new handset from Nokia, with a larger display than existing models, although nothing has been officially confirmed on it for the time being.

Unfortunately, no details on the hardware specs of this device are available, nor on when it might land on shelves, if it was to ever arrive on the market.

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