New Nexus 7 Video Ad Available

It arrives one week before 3G and 32GB Nexus 7 tablet versions are released

Nexus 7, Google’s first tablet PC to be included in the popular lineup of Nexus devices, has received a new video ad in preparation for the release of a new 32GB flavor, complemented by a 3G-enabled model.

The new device versions are expected to become available for purchase come November 13, and Google is readying its marketing machine for that.

Those of you who would like to learn more on the various ways in which they can use the new device to stir imagination should have a look at the video embedded above.

Apparently, Google has made the original clip private, yet some users have already managed to grab it and repost it for your viewing pleasure. However, chances are that it would be removed in the not too distant future, so have a look at it while it’s hot.

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