New Galaxy Note II Video Ad Focuses on Multi-View

A feature that enables users to do more on the large screen of the phone

Galaxy Note II, the largest Android-based smartphone that Samsung has made available for purchase, comes with one feature that can provide users with the ability to do more on their devices at the same time.

Called Multi-View, the functionality enables people to run two apps simultaneously on the phone’s large 5.5-inch display, thus enjoying both of them without having to switch screens.

“With Multi Window features, the Galaxy Note II makes the perfect office companion,” the company notes in the video’s description.

Whether it comes down to watching YouTube videos while texting or taking notes on a company’s latest financial report, Galaxy Note II has got you covered, Samsung suggests.

Both leisure and work can prove more accessible on the large screen of this device, courtesy of its specific features, Samsung says. Have a look at the video above to see what it is all about.

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