New BlackBerry Design Patent Hints at Possible Future Handset

BlackBerry might adopt a hinge form fact in the future

Canadian mobile phone maker BlackBerry has filed a new patent application for a unique, rather intriguing device form factor, as can be seen in the shot above.

While it might be packed with a future BlackBerry smartphone, the design might also turn out to be nothing, since companies do file patents for products that never see the light of day, as Engadget notes.

However, with BlackBerry having a record of experimenting with various form factors for its devices, we wouldn’t be surprised to see an upcoming device with a hinge such as the one described in this patent filing.

Not to mention that the design might be easily used with larger devices as well, such as tablet PCs, and BlackBerry has already launched a slate.

However, with nothing announced on this for the time being, we should just sit back and wait for the vendor to make an unveiling.

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