New BlackBerry 10 Video Commercials Now Available

Focusing on some of the main features of the new platform

Canadian mobile phone maker BlackBerry has already made its new BlackBerry Z10 smartphone available for purchase in two markets around the world, namely the UK and Canada, and has enjoyed strong initial sales, analyst reports suggested.

However, it seems that the company is set to raise a bit more awareness on its new device and on the platform loaded on it.

For that, the company has published a new set of video commercials for the BlackBerry 10 OS, which can be seen attached to this post.

Four ads can be seen online now, each focused on one of the main features of the platform, such as the new Time-Shift Camera, BlackBerry Flow, or the new Keyboard packed inside the OS.

The hardware inside the new BlackBerry Z10 is highly appealing as well, at least when compared to the previous devices from the company.

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