Motorola Officially Pulls from Europe and India, Closes Websites

The company claims it's streamlining its business and support system

If anyone had any doubts that Motorola Mobility is in trouble even after being acquired by Google, then the following announcement should prove them beyond any doubt that the company is struggling to cut its losses.

Most of Motorola Mobility shops in Eastern, Western and Northern Europe, as well as India have been closed along with all online stores available for countries included in these regions.

According to the US-based handset maker, “we are streamlining our business and support system, and unfortunately, we'll no longer have a dedicated website for Rest of Europe (India).”

It appears that Motorola Mobility closed its businesses in these countries for several days now, but it's not the first time we see this happening.

The company had some comeback on the European market over the years, but it never managed to get a foothold in any of the European countries.

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