More Reports Point at March 14 Launch for Galaxy S IV

The smartphone is expected to be unveiled at an event in New York

Galaxy S IV, the next Android-based flagship device from the South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung, is expected to become official on March 14 now, after being long rumored to be unveiled on the 15th of the month.

Yesterday, the first reports on the new unveiling date for the high-end smartphone started to emerge, and new reports claim that all has been confirmed.

A recent article on The Verge cites sources familiar with Samsung’s plans for the handset, claiming that March 14 is “definitely” the day when this device will see a formal introduction.

Furthermore, they say that the device will be announced in the US, although Samsung might not provide details on which carriers will add it to their networks. Previously, the handset vendor had been rumored to plan holding a press event for Galaxy S IV in New York.

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