More HTC Sense 5 Screenshots Emerge Online

A photo of HTC M7 also said to have made an appearance on the web

Following the appearance of two screenshots allegedly showing the keyboard and dialer of HTC’s future Sense UI flavor, some new photos with the user interface have made it online, so as to provide us with more details on what it will be able to offer.

Rumor has it that the Taiwanese handset vendor is set to load the new UI on top of its upcoming HTC M7 flagship Android-based smartphone (supposedly depicted in the third photo below), and that it might call it Sense 5.

The two new screenshots with the interface supposedly show the lockscreen that HTC will pack it with, as well as the revamped setting menu that users will take advantage of.

The lockscreen will no longer feature a ring, but will display weather information, and will sport icons with a “holo” look. The setting menu will come with new icons and switch toggles, it seems.


HTC Sense 5 Screenshots (3 Images)

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