Mobiles Account for Over 10% of Global Browsing Now

New devices helped mobile browsing grow almost 2 percentage points in October

Mobile browsing has seen an impressive increase in the past quarters, and has managed to account for over 10 percent of the total market in October.

According to a new report coming from NetApplications, the browsing on mobile devices managed to top a 10 percent market share for the first time.

However, the company also notes that the browsing on mobile devices should be much higher, since their sample does not include data from other applications, such as maps.

“October saw a surge in mobile and tablet usage, pushing overall browsing from 8.94% to 10.29% of all devices on the internet,” said Vincent Vizzaccaro, EVP Marketing for Net Applications.

The new iPad mini, iPhone 5, Kindle Fire, Samsung Galaxy devices are some of the main drivers in the mobile browsing area, along with Microsoft’s new Surface tablet PC, and should help it gain more ground soon.

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