Microsoft’s Greg Sullivan Reportedly Confirms Sony Windows Phone Handset Updated

A Sony exec said earlier that the company was discussing the possibility

Japanese mobile phone maker Sony Mobile has confirmed a few days ago that it is indeed considering Windows Phone as a possible mobile OS alternative, but did not provide specific info on a device being actually under development.

However, it appears that Microsoft’s Windows Phone Director Greg Sullivan has confirmed that Sony will indeed launch a smartphone running under this operating system.

Speaking to CNET China, Greg Sullivan stated that Sony has already made official its plans on the matter. Initially, he declined to comment on this story, it seems, as WMPoweruser notes.

Pierre Perron, head of Sony Mobile Europe, said earlier this week that the handset vendor was discussing the possible launch of such a device, but it seems that things have been already set in stone.

What remains to be seen is when exactly said device would be launched, and how well it will fare when compared to Nokia’s Lumia series.

[UPDATE]: Microsoft has contacted us to inform that the original article from CNET China has been mistranslated and the entire story is probably a misinterpretation.

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