Microsoft Launches New Remote Desktop Preview App for Windows Phone 8.1

Users can now connect to a remote PC with their WP8.1-based devices

Microsoft has recently released the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview, which apparently has been downloaded by approximately 1 million Windows Phone users in just one week.

Today, the Redmond-based company has announced the immediate availability of a very useful tool that will allow those who have upgraded to Windows Phone 8.1 to remotely control their PC while on the go.

With the new application, called Remote Desktop, Windows Phone 8.1 users will be able to connect to a remote PC and benefit from all the features offered by Windows with RemoteFX.

The application uses the remote desktop protocol (RDP) and RemoteFX supporting Windows gestures. It also includes Network Level Authentication (NLA) technology for secure connection.

Microsoft also confirms that the Remote Desktop Preview app offers high quality videos and sound streaming with enhanced compression and bandwidth usage.

Keep in mind that this application will only work on devices powered by the new Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview, which means that it will not show on WP8-based smartphones.

If you are one of the owners of such a handset, you can now download Microsoft Remote Desktop Preview for Windows Phone 8.1 for free via Windows Phone Store. Stay tuned for more details on any future updates for this application.

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