Microsoft Launches BLINK Windows Phone 8 App

It ensures that users don’t miss an important moment when taking shots

Redmond-based software giant Microsoft has made available for download a new lenses application for the Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system.

Called BLINK, the new app comes from Microsoft Research and is designed to snap photos both before and after the user has started shooting.

Basically, this feature is meant to ensure that the user does not miss important moments, and that the wanted shot is among snapped photos.

“It’s no problem if you press the shutter a few seconds too early or too late. With BLINK, a simple finger swipe lets you find the perfect shot,” the app’s description reads.

Furthermore, the software comes with advanced image stabilization technology aimed at removing camera shake so that users could focus on the part of the scene that interests them the most. BLINK for Windows Phone 8 can be found on this page in the Windows Phone Store.

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