Microsoft Intros Windows Phone Business Hub

A portal for IT pros to learn more on the enterprise capabilities of the platform

Microsoft has been long touting the business capabilities of its Windows Phone operating system, as well as those of devices running under the platform, and the company has launched a new portal to further raise awareness on the matter.

Called Windows Phone Business Hub, the portal can be accessed via this link, providing IT pros with info on business features of devices, such as hardware-accelerated encryption for better security, as well as built-in Office Mobile apps such as Outlook.

“The business hub is also the place for IT pros to find the latest technical info on the business and enterprise features of Windows Phone 8—including how Windows Phone 8 works with Office Server products like Exchange, Office 365, and SharePoint,” Microsoft explains.

Whether it comes to security or device management, or to the creation and distribution of business apps, the hub details all of them.

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