Microsoft Halts Windows Phone 7.8 Update Rollout Due to a “Minor Issue”

The deployment of the update will resume as soon as the issue is fixed

We reported earlier today that Nokia Russia confirmed it had stopped the rollout of the Windows Phone 7.8 due to some glitches found in the software.

Well, it appears that the problem is more serious than we have previously thought as CNET was able to confirm Microsoft decided to halt the rollout of Windows Phone 7.8 for all eligible devices in all countries.

Owners of Nokia Lumia 610, 800 and 900, as well as others that are still stuck on Windows Phone 7.5, will have to wait a bit longer to get their WP7.8 update.

According to Nokia, the deployment of the Windows Phone 7.8 has been stopped due to a “minor issue” in the software, though from all the feedback received from users who already upgraded, it appears that there is more than one issue plaguing the update.

No word on exactly when Windows Phone 7.8 update rollout will be resumed, but we will keep an eye out for this one so stay tuned.


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