MetroPCS’ ZTE Avid 4G Emerges in Leaked Photo

The handset will run Android on the carrier's LTE network

Wireless carrier MetroPCS has already added to its lineup a nice range of ZTE devices that offer support for its 4G LTE network, and it seems that some more of them are coming.

A certain ZTE Avid 4G is expected to hit shelves at the wireless services provider in the not too distant future, and it has already been spotted online in a leaked press photo, available courtesy of Twitter user @evleaks.

Little is known on this device for the time being, other than the fact that it has the three hardware buttons on the front, although it might be running Android 4.x.

The MetroPCS logo can be seen on the front of the device, along with what appear to be the front camera and proximity sensor. Hopefully, the device will be unveiled soon, so stay tuned for more on the matter.

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