Mango Now Testing for AT&T's Samsung Focus v. 1.4 and the Dell Venue Pro

The update should become available for these phones soon

AT&T and Microsoft are moving closer to making the new Windows Phone 7.5 Mango update available for the owners of Samsung Focus v. 1.4 and the Dell Venue Pro devices on the wireless carrier's airwaves.

On its support website, Microsoft has just updated the information on this software update, and says that they are currently testing it for the said mobile phones.

While that might not seem too much, it actually is, since a month ago, when the actual Mango roll-out began, nothing was known on when the software update will be delivered to these devices.

Microsoft's Windows Phone Update Schedule page now shows that the testing phase of Mango updates for these devices already started, which means that the update should not be too far behind, though we'll have to wait for official info on the matter to emerge, so stay tuned.

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