Lumia 928 Billboard Ad Said to Be Legit

The smartphone should be officially announced as soon as next week

Nokia Lumia 928, a smartphone that still has to be officially announced, appears to be nearing its launch, with the latest reports on it suggesting that Nokia might be set to take the wraps off it as soon as next week.

A billboard ad is supposedly confirming its existence.

Following discussions on whether the photo showing the aforementioned billboard is real or not, the person who took the shot stepped up and provided the original, unaltered image, which appears indeed to be legit.

The unedited image of the CBS 2331 billboard can be seen above. Below, you’ll learn more on how the photo was taken, as its author has provided an explanation on the matter to mynokiablog.

“Hey – it’s my photo and it’s legit. Took it on my way home from work – in North Oakland, CA. Took it using my 808 zoomed in on the billboard. A few days later, the billboard was back to being an HTC ad,” the author said.

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