Lumia 920 to Go Free on Contract at China Unicom Too

The Windows Phone 8 device will land on shelves next year

Lumia 920, Nokia’s flagship Windows Phone 8 device, has been launched in China via wireless carrier China Mobile for free with the signing of contract agreements, and it seems that other carriers in the country will be selling it subsidized as well.

China Unicom, which will bring the international Lumia 920 to the country (China Mobile launched the custom Lumia 920T model), will also make it available for purchase for free on contract, new reports suggest.

The handset will be available for $0 at the carrier on its 386 yuan ($62) plan for two-year deals, and on the 286 yuan ($46) plan for 3-year contracts.

Lumia 920 won’t become available for purchase in China until early next year (next week, to be more precise), but it might prove highly successful right from the beginning, given the price at which it is offered.

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