Lumia 920 Tops Best Seller List at Expansys Germany

Windows Phone 8 devices take 7 of first 8 places there

Windows Phone 8 appears to be the top option for a wide range of mobile phone users in Germany, at least this is what online retailer shows.

At the moment, Nokia’s Lumia 920 smartphone is listed as the top device among the retailer’s bestselling smartphones. The company took the first, second, fourth and fifth positions on the list.

Furthermore, it’s worth mentioning that seven out of the first eight spots on the same list are occupied by Windows Phone 8 devices, with Samsung ATIV S placed third, and Nokia’s Lumia 820 occupying the seventh and eighth positions at the moment.

The Acer Liquid Gallant Duo is the only non-Windows Phone device there, currently on the sixth position on the list.

As plaffo notes, this increased interest in Windows Phone 8 devices should prove beneficial for both Microsoft and its hardware partners, especially for Nokia.

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