Lumia 920 Allows Data Roaming Cost Savings, Support Video Shows

You can now learn more on what the Windows Phone 8 handset can offer to its users

Nokia has published more than one support video for its Windows Phone 8-based Lumia 920 smartphone, providing users with additional info on what the device can provide them with.

Among the available features, we can count important savings in data costs, especially to those who travel abroad a lot.

We have already had the chance to look at info on how to get started with using the Lumia 920, and a second video in the series can now be seen embedded above, with details on how to enable data roaming costs on the device.

Coming from Nokia Care, the video summarizes what users can read in detail on the Finnish handset vendor’s support website. Those who are interested in Nokia’s Windows Phone 8 handset should head over to that page to read all about it.

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