Lumia 900 Can Be Upgraded to Windows Phone 8

Nokia Care has confirmed that the device is compatible with Microsoft’s next mobile OS

Nokia’s latest flagship Windows Phone device, the Lumia 900, is capable of supporting an upgrade to the upcoming Windows Phone 8 platform, Nokia Care has confirmed.

We heard a long set of rumors regarding the availability of Windows Phone 8 on Lumia devices, but nothing has been officially confirmed on the matter until now.

No info on whether the device will actually get a taste of the platform has been provided, but we know that it is capable of supporting it, which is good enough for many.

According to WMPoweruser, we might learn some more details on this in a few weeks, as Microsoft is gearing up for the Windows Phone summit on June 20th.

Hopefully, Windows Phone 8 will go official at that date, along with specific details on whether existing devices will receive it or not.

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