Lumia 620 Performs Better than Galaxy S III in SunSpider and BrowserMark 2

The entry-level smartphone scored close to Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820

Nokia has unveiled to the world only three devices running under Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform so far, but it seems that even the cheapest of them can deliver better web browsing than what other high-end smartphones have to offer.

We’re referring here to the entry-level Nokia Lumia 620 smartphone, which has got its browsing performance benchmarked recently, and which managed to impress a lot.

The handset did better than Samsung’s flagship Android-based Galaxy S III smartphone in two benchmarks for its web browser, namely SunSpider and BrowserMark 2.

Furthermore, just as GSMArena notes, the device scored close to Nokia’s mid-range and high-end Windows Phone 8 smartphones in these tests (while leaving HTC’s Windows Phone 8S behind), showing that users purchasing it will get great value for their money.


Nokia Lumia 620 (2 Images)

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