Lookout Security & Antivirus for Android Updated with Google Chrome Support

The apk size of the application has been reduced as well

Lookout Mobile Security just announced their latest version of Lookout Security & Antivirus for Android devices has been updated with new features and improvements.

The most important is support for Google Chrome. With this version of Lookout Security & Antivirus, users will be able to browse much safer as they are now protected from phishing sites and malicious URLs when using Google Chrome.

However, keep in mind that this new feature is only available to Premium users. Furthermore, the update brings improved Security Scan time and redesigned Lock Screen, which is also available only for Premium users. The APK size of the application has been decreased as well.

Lookout Security & Antivirus 8.4-f305c15 is now available as a free download via Google Play store and it should be fully compatible with all devices running Android 1.5 or later. Check it out here.

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