Limited Lumia 920 Stock Available in the UK

Both Clove and Expansys expect new shipments in a few days

Just as expected, Nokia’s Lumia 920 smartphone became available for purchase in the UK once again today, but it seems that supplies were tight, and that the device has already gone out of stock.

At the time of this article, Expansys still lists the black Lumia 920 as in stock but, with only a few units remaining, we expect it to sell out soon.

The white flavor of the handset should arrive at the retailer on January 19, while the red variant should be in stock on January 11. The yellow model is currently available on pre-order.

At Clove, both the black and red versions of Nokia’s Lumia 920 handset will arrive on Friday, January 11, it seems. The company also lists the white version as expected in mid-January.

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