Limited Edition DROID DNA and Windows Phone 8X for Verizon Employees

These devices will not become available for the general public

By on December 15th, 2012 14:31 GMT

Mobile phone carrier Verizon Wireless is reportedly offering limited edition devices to its employees, and HTC’s new DROID DNA and Windows Phone 8X are included in the offer.

The move was unveiled back in November, and now photos with these devices are available online for your viewing pleasure.

DROID DNA will arrive in the hands of Verizon’s employees in a red flavor that won’t be available for the general public, and we can say that it looks pretty appealing, based on the photos below (via droid-life).

As for the limited edition Windows Phone 8X, it comes with limelight yellow accent colors, which give it the same two-tone look as the HTC 8S, wpcentral notes.

All these devices are said to arrive with specific serial numbers on them, which will make them easily traceable. However, no info on which employees will be receiving them has been provided.

Limited Edition DROID DNA and Windows Phone 8X (4 Images)

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