Lenovo to Become the Most Popular Smartphone Brand in China in 2013

The company is expected to dethrone Samsung in the near future

Mobile phone maker Lenovo is reportedly en-route to become the most popular smartphone maker in China next year, leaving South Korean mobile phone maker Samsung behind.

At the moment, the maker of Galaxy S III is currently the leading brand in the country, yet this might change in the not too distant future, Gartner believes, according to DigiTimes.

“The brand is positioned at the mid-to-lower end which will drive much of its future growth, and this is where global brands are less competitive,” Gartner reportedly said about Lenovo.

At the moment, Lenovo is seen as the only local maker capable of competing against vendors recognized on the global market.

The company managed to climb to the second position on the China smartphone market in the latest quarter, with Samsung being the only brand in front.

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