Leaked Verizon Document Confirms Wireless Charging for HTC 8X

The handset will hit shelves by Thanksgiving, Verizon announced

Verizon’s Windows Phone 8X by HTC has been recently said to feature wireless charging packed inside, the same as Nokia’s new Windows Phone 8 devices do, and some more confirmation on the matter is now available.

A leaked document that emerged over at WPCentral shows that the handset will indeed arrive on shelves with this feature inside, although it won’t sport it in other markets around the world.

In fact, Verizon’s flavor of HTC 8X is the only one expected to sport the wireless charging capabilities when launched.

HTC’s Windows Phone 8X is set to become available for purchase at Verizon in November (by Thanksgiving) at $199.99 with the signing of a two-year contract agreement with the wireless carrier. It will also be sold through all 65 Microsoft Stores that will be open this holiday season.

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