Leaked BlackBerry 10.3 Screenshot Shows Red Accents Again

The render also unveils integrated Voice Control in the OS

Canadian mobile phone maker BlackBerry is hard at work with the development of the next flavor of its mobile operating system, which should arrive on devices as BlackBerry OS 10.3, and a leaked screenshot is now offering a new look at what the platform might have to offer to its users.

The OS has leaked online a few times before, showing red accents on the UI, and the new leak confirms that the vendor will indeed make this change to it.

As N4BB notes, there will also be a series of new features included in the platform as part of said upgrade, though the UI modification appears to have stirred users’ interest the most.

In addition to confirming said red accents coming to the operating system, the leaked screenshot also shows integrated Voice Control.

What’s yet unclear is whether the platform will arrive on devices with a revamped address book, which will include this feature too, or if this is part of the new Personal Assistant feature that is expected to debut in the OS.

Apparently, when searching for a contact, users will see that the OS will populate search results with the Voice Control, and that it will no longer open the contacts app to deliver these results.

With no official confirmation on any of the above, we should take the info with a grain of salt for the time being. However, more on this should emerge soon, so stay tuned to learn more on it.

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