LastPass Arrives on Windows Phone 8, Gets New Features

The new app release sports a new UI, improved usability

A new flavor of the LastPass application is now available for download, featuring a nice range of enhancements, along with support for Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 8 operating system.

The new app release brings along a major UI overhaul, with new colors and more navigable menus on all screens, including support for a Windows “light” theme, its developers explain.

LastPass also features identities support, along with standard icons in the application bar and jump list support for quick navigation between groups.

Furthermore, the new software version also comes with alphabetical sorting, including jump list for quick navigation to a particular site, as well as with a separate panel for Secure Notes.

A Favorites panel was also included, along with support for selecting the group name from the list, and for long text in the Notes field of a site entry, pin to start, secure password generator, and more.

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