LG to Offer Nexus 4 for €600 ($600) at Retailers

It is now available for only €350 ($350) via Google Play store

South Korean handset maker LG plans to sell its Android flagship smartphone, the Nexus 4, for no less than €600 ($600) outside the Google Play store.

Given the fact that the device is now available for purchase for only €350 ($350) outright via Google Play store, it stands to reason that Nexus 4 sales at retailers will be affected by this marketing policy.

The Next Web reports Spanish retailer Phone House, part of the Carphone Warehouse company, informed its customers that it wouldn't be selling the Nexus 4 due to LG’s plans to offer the smartphone at a much higher price than Google.

Android enthusiasts report the same situation in other European countries where Google has yet to announce plans to offer the Nexus 4 directly through its Play store, including Austria and Italy.

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