LG Won’t Unveil a Windows Phone 8 Device Soon – Report

The company is focused on Android for the time being

South Korean mobile phone maker LG Electronics has reportedly confirmed that it won’t unveil a Windows Phone 8 device in the near future, although it will make such a move eventually.

LG has Windows Phone 7 smartphones on the market, but their performance was a poor one, which determined the company to postpone plans for launching new smartphones running under Microsoft’s mobile OS, it seems.

According to a recent article on CNet, the company confirmed that it will launch a Windows Phone 8 handset eventually, but that this won’t happen in the immediate future.

“When there's a significant market for it, we will be on board,” a company’s representative reportedly said. In the meantime, LG will focus on launching Android devices, since the platform has a bigger chunk of the smartphone segment.

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