LG Won’t Launch Nexus 4 in Italy

It encourages users to purchase the phone through Google Play

Mobile phone maker LG won’t be bringing the Nexus 4 smartphone to shelves in Italy on its own, the company has confirmed officially.

However, this doesn’t mean that users won’t be able to acquire the device in the country, as it is set to be released through the Google Play Store in all countries where the service is available.

Responding to a user post on Facebook, LG confirmed that it would not be distributing the device, which puts users in a bit of difficulty.

As pocketnow notes, retailers will certainly find a way to bring the device in the country, but that will result in high prices for a device that has been launched in other markets at only $349 through the Google Play Store.

Nexus 4 is available through the Google Play Store in countries such as the UK, Spain, Germany and France.

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