LG Says There’s No Problem in Nexus 4 Supply, Production Hasn’t Stopped

The company officially debunked previous rumors on the matter

South Korean mobile phone maker LG Electronics has dismissed recent reports suggesting that it might have halted production of Nexus 4 smartphones due to supply problems.

The company says that production of the device hasn’t stopped at its factory in South Korea, while also debunking previous allegations regarding the possible launch of a Nexus 5 smartphone at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next month.

While rumors on LG already working on a next-gen Nexus smartphone have started to pick up steam, it seems that the company will have us wait a bit longer before launching the device.

Of course, LG might still launch a new, high-end smartphone at next month’s mobile conference, especially since it has already teased such plans, though it remains to be seen what it will actually unveil.

In the meantime, it might ramp up Nexus 4 production to meet demand for the phone.

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