LG Optimus G Coming to Europe on March 4, Finland Gets It First

The smartphone is now up for pre-order for €600/$810 outright

As promised a few weeks ago, LG is about to start the global rollout of the Optimus. The smartphone will be available for purchase in Europe, Australia and Asia in the next few months.

However, it appears that the folks over at EsPhoneBlog have been able to answer one of the most pressing questions regarding the phone’s availability: which country will get it first?

The answer seems to be Finland as the LG Optimus G is now available for pre-order at Gigantti for a whopping €600/$810 no-term price. Check it out here.

According to the Finnish retailer, the smartphone will be available for purchase beginning March 4. Obviously, other countries might announce an earlier availability for LG Optimus G, but for now Finland is the first European country to get.

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